What is Local Law 152 and Who Does It Affect?

Understanding Local Law 152 Compliance in Manhattan, NY

What is Local Law 152?

Local Law 152 is a crucial regulation in Manhattan, NY, designed to ensure the safety of gas systems within the city. It mandates gas system inspections to prevent gas leaks, which can lead to hazardous situations, including fires and explosions. Understanding the details of Local Law 152 is essential for all property owners and managers.

Local Law 152 primarily focuses on gas system inspection and gas piping inspection, aiming to identify potential issues and ensure compliance with safety standards. Gas system inspections are vital for the well-being of the community and the preservation of property values in Manhattan.

Gas System Inspection Requirements

Gas system inspections are a critical component of Local Law 152 compliance. This inspection involves a thorough examination of gas piping systems to detect leaks, corrosion, or any other safety hazards that may be present. These inspections must be carried out by a licensed master plumber or a qualified professional.

In Manhattan, NY, gas system inspections are typically required every four years. Property owners are responsible for hiring a qualified inspector to assess the gas systems in their buildings. Compliance with this aspect of Local Law 152 is crucial to ensure the safety of building occupants and to avoid legal issues.

Gas Piping Inspection Details

Gas piping inspections are another key aspect of Local Law 152. These inspections focus on the gas piping within a building to ensure it meets safety standards. Gas piping inspections are typically required every five years in Manhattan, NY.

During a gas piping inspection, professionals will assess the condition of the piping, looking for any signs of wear and tear, damage, or improper inst

Who Does Local Law 152 Affect?

Local Law 152 affects a wide range of individuals and entities in Manhattan, NY, including:

  1. Property Owners: Property owners are responsible for ensuring compliance with Local Law 152. They must hire qualified professionals to conduct the necessary inspections.
  2. Building Managers: Those responsible for the day-to-day operations of buildings, such as superintendents or property managers, play a crucial role in coordinating inspections and maintaining compliance.
  3. Tenants: While tenants may not be directly responsible for compliance, they benefit from the safety measures enforced by Local Law 152.


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Local Law 152 is a critical regulation in Manhattan, NY that focuses on gas system inspections and gas piping inspections to safeguard the community from potential gas-related hazards. It affects a wide range of property owners and managers who must prioritize compliance for the safety of their buildings and occupants.

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